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   What are the advantages of using rubber joints in pipes?

   (1) hydraulic conditions
   Only when the inner wall of the water supply pipeline is not fouled, smooth and smooth can the loss of water head be reduced and the service water head be guaranteed.The soft rubber joint can reduce vibration and noise, and compensate thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature change.Widely used in various pipe systems.
    (2) high sealing performance
Water supply pipe network is pressure pipe network, only good pipeline closure, is the basic guarantee of continuous water supply.In order to prevent the natural shrinkage of rubber soft joints in long-term use and reduce the aging of the fracture, the use of wire mesh for multi-body protection.
    (3) construction investment province
   The construction cost of water supply pipe network usually accounts for 50% of the construction cost of water supply system.Therefore, how to determine the construction scale of water supply pipe network through technical and economic analysis, and how to rationally select pipe materials and rubber soft joints is the guarantee of reasonable operation of the pipe network.
    (4) device control device
    Special equipment in the pipe network includes: valves, fire hydrants, ventilation valves, exhaust valves, flushing and drainage valves, pressure reducing valves, flow regulating valves, water hammer eliminators, wellbore maintenance, telescopic devices, dregs, flow and pressure measuring devices, etc.The integrity of these devices is the premise to ensure the smooth operation of the pipe network and avoid pollution.The rubber soft joint is vulcanized and combined with metal flange or parallel joint loose sleeve.
    (5) good water quality
   通过长管道从自来水厂向用户自来水通常需要数小时甚至数天。管网实际上是一个大型反应堆。工厂水的未完成的化学反应将在管网中继续,并且氯水将与管壁新接触,这可能产生新的反应。这些反应是生物学的。 ,感官和物理化学。橡胶接头用于中空橡胶产品,其用作金属管之间的柔性接头。因此,要求管的内壁耐腐蚀并且不会将有害物质沉淀到水中。
   It can take hours or even days to deliver water from a water plant to customers through a long pipe.The pipe network is actually a large reactor.The unfinished chemical reaction of the factory water will continue in the pipe network, and the chlorine water will make new contact with the pipe wall, which may produce new reactions.These reactions are biological.Sensory and physical chemistry.The rubber joint is used for hollow rubber products and is used as a flexible joint between metal pipes.Therefore, the inner wall of the tube is required to be corrosion resistant and not to precipitate harmful substances into the water.


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