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作者:www.36500365.com 日期:2019-02-28 来源:橡胶接头厂家
    Rubber joint, rubber expansion joint and rubber soft joint have been mentioned in the previous articles. In fact, they are all what we call rubber joint.Due to its scalability, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, rubber joints are widely used in fuel transportation, water supply and drainage, power, fire fighting and other fields.But how do we choose the right rubber connector for our industry in the field of practical work?Today we're going to explain how to pick a rubber joint in a minute.
   The first thing to think about is the place where the rubber joint is used, according to the medium and temperature, generally divided into: high temperature rubber joint, oil resistance rubber joint, acid and alkaline rubber joint, wear resistance rubber joint.It is not mainly based on the size of the size, the size of the appropriate, one-step installation can be successful.The nominal diameter DN of the same rubber joint is 32mm-3000mm, and the length is l90mm-500mm, which will be different according to the actual application.Then we should know the working pressure of rubber joints, which are widely used: 1.0mpa, 1.6mpa, 2.0mpa.The larger the number, the greater the work pressure, i.e. the internal and external pressure that can be borne.Assuming that the material in the actual work is easy to show the appearance of pipeline pressure suddenly increased, we should choose a higher pressure level than the standard pressure at the moment of selection to solve the appearance of this material.


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